Property Management System

Comprehensive IT Solutions to Manage your Business

The software has been implemented and used by many companies, it has been build based on the industry leading practice to provide our customer access to the latest technologies and ever-growing functionality customizable to the changing business needs.

Property Management System

Based on the experience of our customers (landlords and managers of commercial real estate) we developed a comprehensive IT solution “Property Management System” to help you mange your entire business and operation in one integrated application, from the records of tenants, business partners, ownership of residential and commercial unit to detailed contact terms and payment schedule and the accompanying financial management and safeguards.

Property Management also includes functionalities to automate common operations like invoicing, customer payment activities and outstanding statement, periodic services fees and charges settlement. It also provides wide and advanced reporting capabilities for day-to-day operations as well as financial reporting, the core part of the system is the financial module and customer relation management module.

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Payment Schedule

Customer & Supplier Invoices

Manage Period Fees

Rental Management

Preventive Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance

Customer Complaints

Contract Management

Equipment & Warranty Management

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Facility Management

The other supplementary part of the property management system is the facility management platform, its an integrated platform for maintaining and managing technical services of real estate, the facility management enables an efficient communication inside and outside your organization, it allows to manage the entire facility more effectively, by an automatic generation of services alert and task for both preventive and corrective maintenance, based on information entered into the systems with an access to all the information in one place for 24/7.

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