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We design right ERP software solutions for manufacturing industry that include functions which can effectively manage the complex business requirements. These solutions help users focus and manage the crucial priorities of the manufacturing businesses and enable them to take effective decisions that could increase production and reduce wastages.

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The essential concern of any manufacturing establishment is to continuously assemble products manufactured or used in the process, at several or a single plant. Being flexible in nature, this requires high control of inventory, thus it becomes important to keep an eye on timely supplies and the cost involved in the transportation of it. Manufacturing business needs an efficient and integrated ERP solution that can be relied upon to help users in taking strategic decision making and reduce production cost. The manufacturing ERP software applications include dedicated modules for multiple Bill of Materials handling, routing and capacity planning, user-defined Quality Assurance, and more. These enable businesses to improve production plan as well other processes involved in the establishment. The users merely need to input the requirement, using which the automated system executes analysis and provides a detailed report on the resources required to successfully complete the production process.

No more time clocking

Accurate planning directly based on real manufacturing times measures.

Floor Automation

Capture data in real-time from your equipment using the API.


MRP, Quality, Maintenance and PLM fully integrated.

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Low cost of ownership

adhoc® solutions are based on cloud, you can create your online database with instance access They are specifically designed to accommodate unique operational needs for every industry, vertical and sub-verticals. Save more with our remote support and upgrade and zero CAPEX and 60% less OPEX with 90% success rate from traditional on-premises installation.

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