Enterprise wide health care solution

Manage end-to-end process within your healthcare organization

If your objective is improving the quality of patient care, making optimal use of resources, ensuring compliance with all statutory requirements and at the same time staying ahead of the competition requires stable IT support, then we can provide you with a turkey solution.

WT Ltd understands the complexities involved with running a healthcare institution, balancing both profitability on one side and best patient quality care on the other.

adhoc solution for healthcare provides a holistic, modular, flexible hospital information system which has benefited over many healthcare organizations globally.
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Healthcare Software Tailored to Your Needs

Determine Your True Cost of Doing Business

Become highly efficient at saving and improving lives, deliver a seamless patient experience, and ensure value-based care with innovative technologies. Our solution is helping healthcare providers move from volume to value to improve healthcare outcome.

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Patient Management

Centralized patient management system where hospital, pharmacy and laboratory interact and share information.

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Laboratory Management

Offer the best diagnostic care to your patients, while maintaining focus on providing your core healthcare services.

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Admission Management

Our solution is helping healthcare providers to manage their admission process, its identical for both the inpatient and outpatient areas.

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Prescription Management

Manage patient prescription with an online integrated system, our tool will save you time and money by reducing processing time by more than 50%.

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Human Resources

Easily mange your staff information and automate paycheck with adhoc payroll module and bank integration connectors.

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Billing Management

Manage your entire process with an integrated accounting software, generate patient bills, refund and appealing claims with insurance providers.

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Medical Equipment Management

Maintenance is a crucial subject in medical equipment life cycle management. adhoc will help you manage preventive and corrective maintenance plan.

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Pharmacy Management

Integrated smart point of sale system provides you with real-time product traceability with offline mode capabilities.

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Inventory Management

Advanced product put-up and pull-up strategy with the support of re-ordering rules. eliminate human error with full warehouse operations automation.

Key Benefits

Intelligent Healthcare Enterprise

Patient Engagement to Experience

Patient information unified across all your healthcare facilities,

Patient Diagnosis to Recovery

Optimize the planning and scheduling of complex surgeries and interventions.

Patient Admission to Cash

Instant insights into costs per case to help you make better decision..